What an amazing heart! Kurt is responsive, resourceful, and trustworthy
Theresa C.
Kurt helped me and my wife with our estate planning. He helped educate us on the whole process, and took the careful time to answer all of our questions. It was important for us to work with someone who was knowledgeable and would get things done right, and Kurt definitely met all of these expectations. His rates are very competitive too – so would highly recommend Front Range!
Andrew N.

Front Range Estate Planning did a great job in helping me set up a will and other professional documents. This was something I had put off for a long time and Kurt Walberg made it easy and affordable. I highly recommend him!!!

Jill S.

Louisa at Juniper Law is an AMAZING lawyer! She is compassionate and very professional. She went above and beyond my expectations! I would recommend her to anyone who needs a family law attorney.

Anna M.

Here’s what participants in previous seminars have said:

Enjoyed the informality, group size, and your responsiveness. I loved having it in a conversational style because other people had questions that I hadn’t come up with.
Cynthia J.
Loved learning in a group setting!
Greg M.
Good intro into the subject matter. Kurt was very good at answering all questions each of us had.
Stephen N.
I love how you bring in humor.
Pam H.
Friendly, professional, easy to ask questions and discuss options
Martha P.
Information given in a delicate manner. I didn’t feel uncomfortable.
Dana M.
Presenter very knowledgeable and able to answer questions.
Vera H.
Small group facilitated good questions and communication.
Pat M.

Here’s what clients of Front Range Estate Planning have said:

It’s an important process to complete. Saves time and confusion for others and puts your mind at rest.
Mike P.
Good to have a plan in place.
Troy A.
I got the job done!
Wendy M.
I felt safe.
Jennifer S.
The process was clear and straightforward.
Mary G.
Concise, empathetic, and moved through to completion.
Karen P.
Quick, thorough, good value for price.
Derek M.
Streamlined, laid-back, nice environment, questions answered professionally and succinctly.
Alan I.
Rapport, amount of information and new information presented were all excellent.
Mark H.

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