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In January, 2015, I committed myself fully to supporting single people, couples and families in getting their asset protection and estate plans in place, and to supporting them going forward so that they have peace of mind for life.  I serve people who want to guarantee their plan will work when it is needed the most, and who appreciate knowing we will be there to advise their loved ones when they can’t be.

Even before graduating from law school, I got to assist my dad in trials. He worked for insurance companies, and he was good. He saved the insurance companies lots of money. After graduating from law school, I worked as an insurance defense lawyer for about 10 years. I figured out that I was dying from the neck down. Not literally, thank God! In other words, for me, that work had no heart. I longed to connect with people, and longed to help them solve their real problems. Another problem I had with trial work is that you are always fixing problems that have already happened. So you are reactive rather than proactive. I wanted to help people sort out their situations and make plans so that when a major life event occurs, they are prepared.

I sought to be a trusted advisor, having a personal relationship with my clients, and helping them anticipate and prevent their real-life problems. But I figured out that a lot of what the traditional lawyer does either interferes with or prevents that from happening.

First, people are really sensitive about being dinged –billed– for every minute that a lawyer or the lawyer’s staff spends. That makes them unwilling to call if they have a question or need a little quick help. That’s why I bill my time on a flat fee basis.

Second, most lawyers just draft documents. Like LegalZoom, only more expensive. Both these options assume that once the documents are built, nothing else needs to be done. That assumption leaves people exposed. They have documents, but no idea what they accomplish, or whether they will work when needed.

And finally, even if people have their necessary personal care documents in place, like a living will and a medical durable power of attorney, a lot of times they have not let their loved ones know where the documents are and what their desires are. So, when something happens, people are scrambling around.

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    A word about the photos: The photos on this site capture some of the beauty of the front range, where I’ve lived my entire life. I have a deep love for the people, places, animals, plants, and activities in this part of the world. My hope is that these images embody something of the spirit and feeling of this special place.