A Will is your simple instructions to tell the court who gets the assets you own after you die and who ensures it gets done. Front Range Estate Planning offers inclusive will-based estate plans for a fixed fee, agreed in advance.

Some facts…

  • Without a Will, your assets will go to the people the State of Colorado dictates. This may not agree with what you would want.
  • If you die without a Will, the state dictates who is in control of your assets and the distribution process.
  • Most people do “Sweetheart Wills”; everything to my wife or everything to my husband.
  • Many couples decide to get a will as soon as they have a child, to ensure that the child is well provided for and taken care of by people of their choosing.
  • A properly drawn Will can have a “stand by” provision for underage or disabled beneficiaries, as many people do not want underage beneficiaries to receive large sums of money on their 18th birthday.
  • Naming a beneficiary in your Will who is receiving state or federal benefits to help pay for a disability could instantaneously disqualify them from those state and federal benefits.

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Some traps to avoid…

  • Don’t rely on verbal instructions. Your children may be obedient and want to do what you said, but the state may preclude them from doing so.
  • Be careful with “Transfer on Death” designations. This is a way of probate avoidance that may have unintended consequences, including:
    • Necessity of probate and conservatorship if the beneficiary is under age.
    • Disqualifying a disabled beneficiary from needed benefits.
    • Leaving assets at risk to creditors and predators
    • Giving your assets to somebody you didn’t plan to give them to, without recourse for the person you wanted to give it to.
  • Don’t name a disabled beneficiary without a stand-by Special Needs Trust. Doing so may disqualify that beneficiary from state and federal benefits.
  • Don’t give away your assets. You may need them.  Also if the person you give them to divorces, goes bankrupt or is sued, all of the money you transferred is at risk.

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Don’t let fear or procrastination stop you from planning. Your desires can be achieved more easily than you may imagine.

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Contact Front Range Estate Planning today
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